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SZ-RAM X - SZ-RAM X Café Racer Green

The SZ-RAM X is an icon among serious touring riders, daily commuters and motorcycle professionals alike because of its unsurpassed comfort and fit. The new X version now offers the very same diffuser as used on our RX-7V top model for even better ventilation. Together with 9-holes top ventilation and the new anti-microbial inner liner material the SZ-RAM X must be the summit of open face helmet technology.

Hinta 650,-

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SZ-RAM X Café Racer Green

SZ-RAM X Café Racer Black

SZ-RAM X Café Racer White
1 :: Visiiri
50-01205 Mirror silver
50-01207 Mirror blue
50-01565 Kirkas
50-01566 Dark smoke
50-01567 Light smoke
2 :: Sivulevyt
50-05205 Cafe Racer black
50-05221 Cafe Racer white
50-05222 Cafe Racer green
3 :: Mekanismi
4 :: Ruuvisarja
50-02511 Kirkas
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